Salary Inflation Calculator

Future Salary Inflation Calculator

Is your salary keeping up with inflation?  What you need next year just to keep up.

To use the calculator:

1) Input your current salary either weekly, monthly or annually.

2) Input the current annual inflation rate from the box to the right.

Once you hit the "Calculate" Button the result will appear in bottom box inside the Inflation Calculator.

To compare the cost of living in two cities use this calculator

To Calculate the inflation rate between any  years from 1914-Present  use our Inflation Calculator.

Australians can use a calculator at Industry Super.

Salary Inflation Calculator

Current Salary: $
Rate of Inflation: %
(Choose an appropriate inflation rate. The average inflation rate for the period since 1914 has been 3.24% per year.)

How much would your Salary have to be to keep up with Inflation:

Note: The Salary Inflation Calculator is designed for use with inflation. If the inflation rate is negative (deflation) your purchasing power will increase (so your salary should decrease) and this calculator won't work. Try using an inflation rate from a longer period of time. You can use the Inflation Rate Calculator to calculate the inflation rate over a longer period of time.

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