Inflation in the United States

Inflation information is our specialty. is "the Place in Cyberspace for Inflation Information."   Our Inflation information is presented to two decimal place accuracy.  Our inflation data provides a "finer" view than using the typical one decimal place.

Rather than saying the Annual Inflation rate for two consecutive months was 3.0% our data may show inflation as 2.95% and 3.04%  respectively, see Current Inflation page. The U.S. Inflation rate is calculated from the Consumer Price Index (CPI-U) which is compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and is based upon a 1982 Base of 100. To view the actual Consumer Price Index data that this inflation data is calculated from, go to the Historical CPI table.

A CPI of 198 indicates 98% inflation since 1982, the commonly quoted inflation rate of say 3% is actually the change in the Consumer Price Index from a year earlier.

We have Historical Inflation rate data  (back through 1913). We also have a smaller Inflation table with only the Inflation since 2000 in our  Current Inflation table.  We have some unusual Inflation information like the Confederate Inflation Chart (1861-65)  and we have a chart that makes it easy to see how much inflation there was in each decade, see our Decade Inflation Chart. We also have charts of Gasoline Price Inflation, and Oil Inflation.

Caution, you can not just add the inflation rates from two consecutive years or even average them to find the total inflation between two dates. If you would like to calculate the inflation rate between two dates you must base your calculations on the actual CPI index or you can use our handy easy to use Inflation calculator or you might prefer to use our Cost of Living Calculator to compare the inflation in two cities.

You can find links to Inflation data for other countries. Menu navigation is available on the menu bar on the left of every page. We have a complete listing of all of our Articles on inflation, including Inflation Definitions, Which is better High or Low Inflation, and How to Calculate Inflation, Inflation Adjusted Oil Prices (Chart) and Inflation Adjusted Oil Prices (table).

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For Consumer Price Index data go to the Historical CPI page. 

If you would like to calculate the inflation rate between two dates, use our handy easy to use Inflation calculator or you might prefer to use our Cost of Living Calculator to compare the costs in two cities. 

You can find links to Inflation and Consumer Price Index data for other countries HERE. A chart of Inflation by decade, Annual Inflation, Gasoline Inflation and Confederate Inflation is also available. 

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We also post the previous Inflation Rates in our Historical Inflation Tables. The Historical Consumer Price Index is also available in table format. What's the Difference Between the Consumer Price Index and Inflation? You can instantly see the current inflation trend in our chart of the Annual Inflation Rate

Interestingly, over time Webster's definition of Inflation has changed.  But the Method of Calculating the Inflation Rate has not.

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